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31 Jan

It was like this was straight from my own mind.
I want to share this article with everyone I know – just so they know how what I went through.
THANK YOU for putting this to words!

Snide Reply

Baby-Horse-Running-Wallpaper-240x180I want my mania back.

Now, if you’re normal, you probably can’t understand why someone with Bipolar Disorder would even contemplate wanting a ride to the top of the roller coaster, particularly when what’s waiting on the other side of the climb is a drop into depression.

Even if you’re Bipolar, you might not understand remembering mania wistfully. Getting deeply in debt, driving drunk or high, having sex with strangers…why would anyone want to live that way? Certainly, I’m in no hurry to return to my wicked, pre-medicated ways, but the life of lethargy I’ve been living lately has seriously outworn its welcome.

A little mania and my house wouldn’t look like, well, like someone was too depressed to straighten. The cleaning ladies are scheduled to come tomorrow, but even that isn’t uplifting. Without straightening, it won’t even look like they came except for the telltale trails of a vacuum…

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know hope.

31 Jan

It has to start somewhere, It has to start sometime
What better place than here, what better time than now?

– Guerrilla Radio by Rage Against the Machine

Welcome to my brain vomit.

I have been connecting with people over YouTube for a while now, and have wanted to reach out more.

About what? My life.  What I have had to go through, fight for, how I’ve survived, and how I’m still alive to this day.

You Don't Look Sick

Life is never easy – and it’s definitely not any easier when you’re living with a mental illness.  It seems today that ‘sane’ people are the new minority – mental illness is definitely not tucked away in the shadows anymore.  While awareness is one thing, the act of actually helping people who suffer every day is a completely other thing.  I’m sure you’d be surprised to know that agencies that are working for people who are sick like me – are the ones that have treated me the worse.  We are still so very far from getting the help and acceptance that we need.

I want to have this site not only as a way to get my words out to help me – but I want it to shed some light on how it is to live the way I have.

I am extremely lucky to be here today, and even luckier to have the people in my life that have helped me keep going.



Oh, and like any good madwoman – there are cats.

I’ll be sure to talk about them as well.



Stay tuned.